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Old ideas + a new application


Oil on handmade rabbit gesso  1000 x 1000 mm  or 39 x 39 in.

Shipping is included in the price.

Price is in New Zealand dollars.

Social media has been a vital link to family and friends I left in my homeland.  Ten years on, I wonder what I’ve given in exchange for the easy communication to my array of “friends”.  Even more evident now is the impact of obtaining much of what we purchase online.  Are we sacrificing something?

The Tui, longing for change and freedom, stays tethered only until he loosens the loosely tied red cord.  Keys hang near their locks.  Look long and carefully.  Are we sacrificing our privacy in exchange for security and convenience?

Original, as shown here, is for sale.  Limited edition prints are available by clicking here.

Outside of NZ?
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