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Outstanding Debt


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1000 x 2000 mm

Oil on rabbit-skin gesso, using Southland lime.

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Is the environmental “flipping” of the Waituna Lagoon off the Awarua Bay inevitable?

Milk tankers fully loaded from dairy farms head to the factory over the hill.  Is the future bright for all?  I wonder if the cow and farmworker share similar fates?  Are both expendable?

‘Dali’s Couch’ by Riverton artist Wayne Hill is in the lagoon.  In 2011, when I was creating this piece, Hill was pursued and ultimately fined for placing the sculpture in the Aparima estuary, reportedly due stringent objections by one or two.  How many citizens, including scientists, have expressed concerns over the health of the Waituna Lagoon.

During my recent years as a business owner, my dairy farmer clients deeply loathed the attitudes of those who won’t properly manage their dairy blocks.  They expressed pride in their stewardship of the  environment and don’t like that all have been labelled similarly to the errant farmers.

Original, shown here, is available.  Limited edition prints are available by clicking here.

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