Banned from the Metaverse!

Banned from the Metaverse

I am banned from the Metaverse for 30 days.

Right before retiring late Friday night 1 July, 2022, the Metaverse notified me that I was banned from my personal Facebook page and Instagram (Beverly.Claridge.Artist) for 30 days.   My Facebook artist page, Beverly Claridge, Artist is still going, according to my co-administrator.  But I can not post to it.

The Metaverse has refused conversation with me on the matter as of late last night, 4 July, 2022. I tried again this morning via a link sent to me by my husband.  The automated response was the matter was closed and there is nothing I can do about their decision.  

Just the facts, ma'am

I do know this much: 

  1. I got hacked.  I’ve always sung the praises of two-factor authentication on social media.  It didn’t work this time!  The Metaverse can police every other aspect of communication on that platform but can not keep hackers out, even with this safe-guard, which requires a code sent to me in order to get into my account. 
  2. The hacker posted objectionable material on my personal Facebook page. I don’t know what was posted. An automatic response message that it was exceptionally objectionable.
  3.  Facebook slapped me down for 30 days on both for FB and IG. 
  4. I have no real hope of resolution any time soon.  
So, now I simply step back and regroup.

Backing off from Social Media

I have made one simple decision.  Simple but not easy.  I am backing off from reliance on social media.  I’m not sure what that looks like at this point.  

I’ve always paid for site security on, which is why you will see a lock in browser window when you’re on here. 

I’m considering a sign-up situation for commenting. That would possibly serve three purposes:

  1. Allow for safer conversations.
  2. Mitigate my problems with spam I receive in comments.
  3. Create a greater sense of community.  I won’t grow exponentially, as I might on social media. However, it would give opportunity for a more meaningful experience for visitors and myself

How you can Help

In the meantime, I would really appreciate your help in the following ways:
  1. Please share this with post friends and acquaintances that could be interested in participating in an online community with others who are interested to learn and share with others how to manage to maintain a meaningful arts practice  around eventful and busy lives. 

  2. Sign-up for my newsletter.  My original purpose for the newsletter was to share when I release new works, blog posts and videos. Because, I also do battle daily with my inbox,  I promise I won’t ever be spammy.

Your Turn

Have you ever been kicked off Social Media for something you did not do?

What did you take away from such an experience.?

Would you like more private interaction on this website?

Watch the video on Youtube

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