Charles Bargue Drawing Course Plates I.9 and I.10 Sole of Foot, Foreshortened Foot

We’re back into Charles Bargue, Plates 1.9 and 1.10.

I’ve now switched from using charcoal to graphite pencil to continue copying the plates of the Charles Bargue course.

In re-reading the  text by author Gerald Ackerman I discovered that the original intent is for students to copy the plates in charcoal only if they have a firm grasp on how to use charcoal.  He further suggests limiting your range of graphite to between 2H and the 2B.

In my original attempt at the Charles Bargue plates last year,  I did not care for the sheen of the softer graphites.

I’ve created an image perfect for printing on A4. It is available when you join my free, encouraging and private Charles Bargue Facebook group.

Please watch the video by clicking the link below to watch the timelapse progress and instructions on creating these plates.

Plate I.10 Enlarged Rotated - Beverly Claridge, Artist

Enlarged foot of Germanicus

The enlarged image files of both views of the foot are ready for download and printing on A4 paper when you join my free, private and encouraging Charles Bargue Facebook Group.

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