Charles Bargue Plate 1.7 Drawing the Foot of the Borghese Warrior

Today we’re drawing the foot of the Borghese Warrior, Plate 1.6 of the Charles Bargue Drawing Course.

The Borghese Warrior was created by Agasias, son of Dositheus in Ephesus in Greece about 100 years before the birth of Christ. Originally known as the Borghese Gladiator, the work depicts a foot soldier using a now-lost knife and shield in combat with a horse-mounted enemy. It inspired many other works during the Renaissance. The name, Borghese, comes from the name of the estate where the statue once was housed just outside Rome.. Napoleon negotiated a move of the work to France, where it is now on display at the Louvre.

Know your why! Why am I going through the Charles Bargue Drawing Course book, and why should you? Find out today as I sketch the foot. I’ll be “judging” my own efforts near the end of the video. So, stick around for that.

I’ve created a copy closer to the size of my sketchbook page. You can also download an A4 size ready for printing by joining my private Charles Bargue drawing group on FB.

C. Bargue Drawing Course 0030 - Beverly Claridge, Artist
Charles bargue plate 1. 7 foot of borghese warrior
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