Winning! Charles Bargue Plates on YouTube Plate 1.16

Returning to Charles Bargue Plates

I’m baaack!!!  My Charles Bargue video series returns to YouTube with Plate 1.16.

After 31 weeks of uploading videos, including Charles Bargue, and dealing with the COVID lockdown here in New Zealand, I took a long break from that platform. 

Read about how the break helped revitalise my art practice by clicking here.

Charles Bargue Plates 1.16
Charles bargue plate 1. 16

The importance of Charles Bargue Plates

Why do I choose to do the Charles Bargue plates?  For me, it was a straightforward way to get back to drawing after I closed my business.  Click here to watch the video related to that. 

The discipline of the Charles Bargue Drawing Course has enhanced my drawing skills and boosted my confidence in the studio.

Click here to learn how the discipline of Charles Bargue plates has freed me to create.

Start with what you have or can easily get

Why don’t you join me. Simply get reasonable paper (I use an A3 sized drawing journal with slight tooth and, of course, acid-free) and a simple set of graphite pencils including 2H, 1H, HB, 1B and 2B.  I sometimes use 4B for darkest values.  However, care is needed to avoid the graphite sheen.

I’d urge you to use what you already have on hand or to use readily available supplies.  The real victory is to simply complete the exercise.  If you don’t like the outcome, do it again using different paper or medium.  Replication greatly improves drawing skills.

Notice: A hacker posted bad stuff on my personal Facebook account and I was banned for 30 days from Facebook  and Instagram on 1 July 2022 even though I had two-factor authentication.  I’ve made the decision to discontinue the Charles Bargue Drawing Group on that platform.  I’m researching ways to reprise the group on other platforms or perhaps on my website. I regret any difficulty this may cause.

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