When life gets in the way of creating. Kitchen demolition

Creating Art Around Life

Giving Art Pizzazz with Pigment ink

I’m giving my new work pizzazz with pigment ink in this fourth session of creating the abstract work, ‘Red Playground-Finish what you started’, which is inspired by an earlier work, ‘Can Red Come Out to Play VII.’ adding pigment ink to enhance design I want to differ the ink design

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Red Playground, Day 3

Playing in the Studio is boosting my Creativity

I’m playing in the studio for the next twelve months.   In order to do this I’ve taken notice of how children, the experts, play,  experts at Play When youngsters play, everyone abides by rules agreed upon, thus maximising amusement for all. (That is unless an adult needs to step in

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Allie. Eagle and Beverly in 2021

Allie Eagle, Artist, Friend and Mentor

I’m immensely grateful for my mentor and friend, the late Allie Eagle, a remarkable New Zealand artist, who passed away in May 2022 Introduced by Peter and Jessica Crothall, of Chrysalis Seed Trust, she made her way South for extended stay in our home in 2009.  We were in the

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Demolition of Bill's bathroom

3 Keys to thriving in chaos

Creating Art Around Life Construction Update #3 I’m sharing my 3 keys to thriving in chaos in the studio during major home renovation and construction.  We’re over a month into the repair and restyle of our older home. Out with the old and on with the move An earlier floor

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