Hmmm! Yes! Less colour can work!

I’m going for monochrome in  this work from our trip deeper into the Kyeburn Diggings on the Danseys Pass..  Yesterday, cutting back the chroma took a lot more time than I’d planned.  It’s Friday and I have weekend plans.

High contrast is my principal tool today.   Aerial perspective helps too.  Darker and warmer close to the viewer.  Lighter, less saturated, cooler used further away.

I’m really pleased. Less colour worked better than I imagined.  Very well.   The painting sold almost immediately on Instagram!  I’ve posted an image of the work for you to enjoy.   

Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

If you’d like, paint along with me and post an image of your own daily painting on my Facebook page, Beverly Claridge, Artist.

Be sure to add #beverlyclaridge in the comment with your image

Day 5 Through The Danseys Pass - Beverly Claridge, Artist
Journey through the danseys pass - kyeburn diggings ii -sold

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