I’m All Ears! Drawing Plate I.4 Charles Bargue Drawing Course.

I fell in love with portraiture when I became a mother over 30 years ago. Learning to accurately represent the ears became important. We’re working on Plate 1.4 in the Charles Bargue Drawing Course book.

The Stage IV lockdown in New Zealand gave me the perfect opportunity to continue the study of the Charles Bargue and Jean-Leon Gerome Drawing Course book.  The materials I’m using are simple willow or vine charcoal and an inexpensive acid free approximately A3 size wirebound artist diary. Better materials may become available as New Zealand moves out of lockdown. So, use whatever materials you have on hand. The important thing is to just do it!

I’ve created a copy closer to the size of my sketchbook page. You can also download an A4 size ready for printing by joining my private Charles Bargue drawing group on FB.

Plate 1.4 Charles Bargue Drawing Course
C. Bargue Drawing Course 0027 - Beverly Claridge, Artist
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