It’s Handy! Drawing Charles Bargue Plate 1.11: Two Lateral Views of Hands on a Block

Today we’re looking at Charles Bargue Plate 1.11. which is two drawings of a plaster cast hand posed on a block from a lateral view.  One shows the thumb and the other shows only the fingers.

The enlarged plate of the top and bottom half are available on my free and encouraging and private Charles Bargue Drawing Group on my Facebook page, where they are are free for download. They are sized to easily print  a4, which is roughly 8.5 x 11 for my American friends and family.

The author recommends careful study of the placement of the lines in the schemata. I recommend you study it and then put it away and avoid copying the schemata.  Rather, I hope be confident enough to form your own version of a schemata to create your own. I think you can achieve this with some practice. 

My aim for these drawings is to show reasonably accurate depictions of the relaxed hand, and to emphasise the cast shadow versus the form shadow.

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We’ll be back in three weeks with the next Charles Bargue Plate 1.12.

C. Bargue Drawing Course 35 Bottom Rotated - Beverly Claridge, Artist
Plate 1.11-Lower view, enlarged
C. Bargue Drawing Course 35 Top Rotated - Beverly Claridge, Artist
Plate 1.11-Upper view, enlarged
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