Making this challenge fit around my life

Kyeburn diggings, danseys pass II

What a great weekend relaxing at home and looking at my five completed challenge paintings.

I needed to make this challenge fit my life. To paint each work and then edit and post the video took about 4 hours.

More time was required for paintings with more colour. Less colour took less time and still gave the results I wanted.

For today’s work of the Kyeburn Diggings Danseys Pass, I set out to show the mystery of the clagged in mountains.

Light and dark contrast again was my main tool. I considered expanding my limited palette with a touch of lemon yellow in the highlights. A trace of lemon yellow in titanium white highlights can increase the intensity. I kept my choices minimal and achieved the contrast I desired without the extra yellow.

The result from Day 6 is entitled “Journey Through Danseys Pass, Kyeburn Diggings II.” The painting is for sale by clicking the image below the video.

Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

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