Adjusting how I paint from a digital reference image

Kyeburn diggings Danseys Pass

Digital image technology has revolutionised my arts practice. However, using a digital reference photograph requires adjustment to give paintings more dimensionality. Digital image technology takes an infinite spectrum of light and colour and compresses that information into a smaller finite and more manageable range.

Today’s reference photo shows the mountain in the distance as similar or slightly darker than the one in front. I made a deliberate choice to make the close mountain warmer and darker and the tone of the distant one cooler and slightly lighter. It’s not what is shown in the photo, but I want to give a sense of depth, as well as light dark contrast, to the painting.

The result from Day 7 is entitled “Journey Through the Danseys Pass Kyeburn Diggings IV“. The painting is for sale.

Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

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