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Pipers Piping and A Partridge in a Pear Tree


Oil on Board.

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The New Caledonian Pipe Band heads the pomp and ceremony of the Southland Christmas Parade which dates from 1999. After Fred Tulett moved to Invercargill to edit The Southland Times in 1998, the famously hard-nosed newsman made a point of declaring “I believe in Santa”. He pulled together a backroom committee to make sure his new home had one just as good as the Capital he had left.

The Corbett Lights strung across Dee Street had a longer provenance. Dating from the late 80s they were bought with a bequest from the Corbett Family. Modelled on London displays, they shone down State Highway 1 every Christmas and midwinter until 2014.

Original, shown here, is available.

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