Seeking artistic direction? Come along with me through the Charles Bargue Drawing Course. Plate I.1

Watch the YouTube Video Here!

Last year, I was in the final stages of completing the “Lauren and Paul” portrait. That painting was created during weekly Saturday morning live video sessions on Facebook. The project lasted for over a year. I then began a search for something new artistically.

That search led me to the Cesar Santos channel on YouTube. I enjoy Santos’ love for classical art esthetics expressed in contemporary ways. I ordered the Charles Bargue and Jean Leon Gerome Drawing Course he recommended from Amazon.  Please watch the video below.

The Stage IV lockdown in New Zealand now gives me the perfect opportunity to begin the study. Why don’t you join me? The materials I’m using is simple willow or vine charcoal and an inexpensive acid free approximately A3 size wirebound artist diary. These articles are not readily available in New Zealand during the lockdown. So, use whatever materials you have on hand. The important thing is to just do it!

What skill improvement or project are you undertaking during this COVID-19 lockdown?

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