The best thing about painting the Danseys Pass

The best thing about painting the Danseys pass is this;  the10 paintings have proven daunting, at times, and rewarding.  As an artist who has relished the comfort of routine, I’m seeing the benefit of learning a new way of doing things; and loosening up. 

This is the final painting inspired by our journey through New Zealand’s South Island Danseys Pass in March 2020, right before lockdown.  The journey and the lockdown are inextricably linked in my mind as an incredible personal and historic time.  But it’s time to move on.  The dynamic Southland skies come to fore on Monday.

The result from Day 9  is entitled “Journey Through the Danseys Pass – In the Pass”. The painting is for sale. 

I invite you to watch the time-lapse video below.

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