Do you want to create art you love?

I'll help you find ways to get into the studio to create meaningful art around a sometimes crazy and chaotic life!

I'm Beverly Claridge.

I created four major shows and joined in many exhibitions after coming to New Zealand. All the while, I also blended a family, started art groups, remodelled houses, planned a wedding and welcomed grandkids. Then, I owned (and closed) a business. 

You can learn my secrets and I’ll help you find ways to get into the studio to create art you love! 

Beverly Claridge, About


I share my thoughts,  studio life,  and strategies on my YouTube channel.  Please join me there!

Is it ever too late?

Moving on from past choices is liberating. Taking daily incremental action nudges me closer to fulfilling my creative dreams.

Well-intentioned advice in my youth steered me away from my creative desires and into sensible careers.

Having children re-ignited my passion to create art. Coloured pencil portraits of my children birthed a fledgling portraiture business.

But then I had to pack up and return with my children to Kansas.

As a working solo-mum, I viewed each day as a chance to make a small step toward my creative aspirations.

Balancing a hectic life and creating art is tough...

but it can be done!

Pushing through obstacles and getting back into the studio to create meaningful art is a big part of who I’ve become in the past 30 years.

I'm grateful I've been able to create art

around a rich and challenging family life.

I’m particularly blessed our home is now restored and I’m back in the studio. When I’m not creating new abstracts or making videos to help others create art around busy lives, you might find me…

Playing my Korg Cross II Workstation

Reading a Classic or Historical Novel

Playing viola in the local Sinfonia

Exercising and eating right.

Beverly Claridge abstract artist
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