Exhibitions and Narrative Realism

Out of Hand

Narrative Realism

While our face shows our countenance, hands are the agents that help forge the paths we aspire to follow.

With a hug or a shove, hands reveal what is treasured and what is disdained, dutifully helping us spend our most treasured asset: time.

I partnered with jewellery artist Anna Claire Thompson, who had a dynamically different approach to the title ‘Out of Hand’ for this 2012 show at Southland Museum and Art Gallery

Ephemeral Perception

Opening Night Beverly Claridge standing by In Memory of Turning to Stone

Ephemeral Perception, a 2010 solo show at ArtSouth in Gore was created over a four year period of blending family from two cultures into one.

Examining human ambition, aspirations and dreams in contemporary New Zealand I used new online Hubble Images to portray a sense of the eternal. I also wanted to counterpoint the discussion of science and faith.

A red thread throughout the series harkens to the Old Testament story of Rahab the prostitute. Her heroic story is one of hope and human redemption.

Noble People, Treasured Land

Beverly at Anderson Park

Encouraged by winning a prize at the 2004 ILT (Invercargill Licensing Trust) Art Awards show for “Keeper of the Roses”, I accepted an invitation to exhibit a series of paintings at Anderson Park Art Gallery to celebrate 150 Years of Southland in 2006.

Fresh to the province, I was concerned I didn’t know Southland well enough for the commission. Looking back, perhaps the fresh eyes I brought to my new home land helped record a series of iconic moments of time that have already passed.

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