3 Keys to thriving in chaos

Creating Art Around Life Construction Update #3

I’m sharing my 3 keys to thriving in chaos in the studio during major home renovation and construction.  We’re over a month into the repair and restyle of our older home.

Out with the old and on with the move

An earlier floor inspection revealed the need to replace all of the borer ridden rimu flooring in the original back area of our home. This included the laundry room, the toilet by the laundry, Bill’s bathroom, my art storage room and the common corridor.

The washing machine is now on our newly renovated and covered verandah and the drier is now in my shower room during renovations.

blessing in disguise- bill's bathroom

Bill’s 1970’s style bathroom was definitely due for a remodel. We did not anticipate this included replacing the supporting floor. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

In the 2003 home remodel we installed a second-hand kitchen. The hot-water cylinder had to be shifted to Bill’s bathroom, and  a small enclosure built. 

Our dream of changing our water system from low pressure to a mains-pressure back then was simply outside our budget.

In 2022, it would be too awkward to suspend the water heater in order to replace the floor beneath it. 

Although unplanned and certainly not cheap, we saw this as the perfect time to upgrade and shift the water heater system to a better location.

Before the switch, no-one enjoyed using my stylish shower room because of the miserly water flow. Now its powerful flow is life-changing. We need to dial back the heat and the pressure! Great win!

The joy of designing a new bathroom and kitchen

Because the bathroom would now be even more spacious, I had a grand time rejigging the bath design with the online Placemaker bathroom design program.

I also designed be the kitchen of my budget dreams using their kitchen planner.

Three ways to Thrive in chaos and make art

1. Plan a space to create

The sanity-saving sanctuary of my art studio that I made the effort last summer February 2022 was a good plan.

2. no studio? seize a space to create

During my 2003 remodel, I almost prematurely seized one of the earliest available new rooms even though it wasn’t finished. It was great to have that tiny bit of space even though it was partially filled with construction fallout.

3. adjust expectations-Go with the flow

I desired to get back to making videos of copying Charles Bargue plates during construction. However, video logistics were too difficult, (the noise factor), and I was feeling overwhelmed.

So, I gave myself permission to “go with the flow” in the studio. I chose to use large paper. Read more about my playtime by clicking this link.

All of my new art works will debut after I can mat and frame them, after we finish construction. I’m aiming for a debut around Christmas.

your turn

What overwhelming situations have arisen that you’ve had to work around to create art?

What things did you learn from that time that help you going forward?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I'm grateful for the sanctuary of the studio during construction

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