Hacked and permanently kicked off Facebook

my Personal Facebook account was permanently disabled

Sadly, as anticipated, I’ve been hacked and unjustly kicked off Facebook. Hackers posted bad stuff on my personal Facebook page account even though I had two-factor authentication.  This means I no longer can access my IG account too. 

Crazily enough, my FB artist page is still live.  I just can’t get on there to update.  Fortunately, last year I brought on a co-administrator for the account who can inform my followers of these events. I’m unable to delete my FB artist page.

I am their ideal client

After 13 years of research on the platform and fully participating in Facebook and latterly on Instagram, I know I was their ideal client.  I posted good, positive things often and quickly adapted to their changes. I spent money on advertising and I bought several things through merchants using the FB and IG platform. And, to protect all of this goodness, I signed up for two-factor authentication, which clearly did not work.  

the fallout of being unjustly deplatformed

My unjust deplatforming has affected my business interests.  Just days prior to the hacking, I had launched a prize contest in celebration of the re-launch of this website on FB and IG.  The prize for interaction on FB, IG and on this website was a chance to win one of my 22-day challenge paintings. With the major renovations and repairs of my home, this contest is simply not possible now.

The Metaverse actions, not only have made it tremendously difficulty to continue the original contest, I believe it harmed my reputation and my brand I’ve worked hard for over a decade to build.     

Their action has made it almost impossible to communicate with hundreds of my New Zealand and overseas family and lifelong friends around the world.  I have only a few personal contact details. Access to all my photos are gone. Although I have many of the original images safely stored in the cloud and on separate hard drives, valuable access is gone when I travel.

The Metaverse failed me big time.  The fact that I can have no conversation with them or recourse is unjust and unreasonable.  I will not be returning to that platform. 

Don’t imagine for one moment being unjustly de-platformed can’t happen to you. I never imagined it would happen to me.

You can read my original post about that by clicking here. 

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Hacked And Unjustly Kicked Off Facebook.
This is what i see when i attempt to log into my account on my phone. I have been unable to have any form of communication with them.

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