What I did to kickstart getting back to my easel

"To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage." -

Kickstarting my oil Painting Practice

My easel stood dormant for nearly a year and a half while I reclaimed my studio.  Commitment was now the key to restart my oil painting practice.

Social media? Perfect accountability partner. Facebook and Instagram posts announced my endeavour to create a small oil painting every day for a month. Weekdays only! (Weekends were for me!)

I hate wasting materials, So, out came a box full of mdf boards from my former business. Acrylic gesso, three coats. Sanded. Ready.  Nice.

For my reference photos, I dragged an old i-Mac out to the studio. I had to. My colour laser printer is still in storage.  Made a jig to hold my iPhone to shoot video.  And off I go!!

Don’t over think it.  Or risk not starting at all.  Family events and Queens Birthday weekend in New Zealand loom.  Make it work. Got to get back to my easel!

The series begins with ‘Journey Through the Danseys Pass’. We travelled through the captivating Danseys Pass right before March 2020 Level 4 New Zealand lockdown. I wanted to catch the mood of the beautiful passage through eastern Central Otago into South Canterbury near Waimate.

Journey Through Danseys Pass, St. Bathans I” is the title of the Day I work.  The painting is for sale.  Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

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