man wearing hoodie and black pants climbing up pile of rocks

Painting Challenge Day 2 changes

Day 2 of my painting challenge required changes.

Consequently, I adjusted my approach to painting. Usually I start by blocking in the darkest followed by adding the lightest values and then build on that. However, there won’t be enough time for the thinner darker layers to set before applying more paint with painting daily.

In essence I need to adjust my “dark to light” method. The first wet layers impact those that follow in a way I’m not used to. Fun stuff!

This work was inspired by beauty of the St Bathans area at the start of our drive through the Danseys Pass. I wanted to catch the beautiful mood of the day, which was hours before COVID 19 lockdown here in New Zealand.

The Day 2  work is titled “Journey Through Danseys Pass, St. Bathans II“. Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

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