Red Playground - Finish what you started, progress 4

Pizzazz with Pigment ink

I’m giving my new work pizzazz so I’m using pigment ink in this fourth session of creating, ‘Red Playground-Finish what you started’, which is inspired by an earlier work, ‘Can Red Come Out to Play VII.’

adding pigment ink to enhance design

In order to differ the ink design from the earlier work, rather than simply outlining shapes with Inktense, I use pigment ink pen to create patterns to influence contrast and direction in the derivative piece. 

Red Playground - Finish what you started, progress 4
Top, 'Can Red Come Out to Play? VII'. Below, Start, 3rd day of making 'Red Playground -Finish what you started".

Pigment ink for balance and direction

Pointers were added because the strong patterns created with  alternating rows of Inktense didn’t give direction to all four quadrants of the diptych. 

To better balance the contrast of the rows I drew patterns in the light coloured bands. Finally, to give the right side a bit more balance and direction, I drew more pointers and design with a chisel point pigment ink pen.

How pigment ink changed the work

This changed the work from something nice and gentle to one that is quite confrontational, which is something I had not planned. However, one purpose of my new artistic journey is to to go in unplanned directions. Click here to go to my video on YouTube or click on the video box above. I reveal more of my thought process and decision in making this work.

The next and final session, I will ensure the two sides can have a conversation with one another because I do want them to be cohesive.

Click here to go to the first session of this series, titled, “10 Things I did to love myself so I could get back to creating”

Red Playground - Finish what you started, final
Right side completed. Left side will be completed next session.
Creating art around life
pizzazz with pigment ink
Drawing pointers and filling blank rows with design in the upper right quadrant.
Adding designs to help balance contrast and give direction

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