Bold or Confronting

Bold or Confronting?

Is the final bold or confronting?

Is ‘Red Playground-Finish what you started’ bold or confronting?

It was the first work tackled in my quest  to create 52 abstracts by May 2024 so I could explore and relax; with the studio as my playground where I would approach each piece with child-like wonder. 

Bold or Confronting
'Red Playground - Finish what you started', final.
Bold? Confronting? Or, Both!

Simply playing

With no plan for the final outcome, I simply played. A gentle and glowing work emerged with beautiful colours, designs, and shapes from layers of inktense and pigment ink on top of my pre-treated support.

Bring out the big guns

Sensing the work lacked something, in the last video, I brought out the “big guns”. That’s what I called my chisel-tip pigment ink pen. It changed everything. Click here to watch the previous video.

In order to emerge with  a cohesive piece, the tamer left side of the diptych would need to respond appropriately to the combative right side.

Watch the battle and resolution

You can watch what happend by watching the video below.

Click below to read each blogpost and watch the videos for the creating ‘Red Playground-Finish what you started’.

Be first in line

Those on my list will have first dibs to purchase works later when they become available.

Creating art around life
Red Playground - Finish what you started, progress 4
When the work was glowing and gentle, but lacking. At the top is 'Can Red Come Out to Play VII, which inspires the bottom work.
Intriguing power of pigment ink
Pigment ink pens. The "big guns" is the chisel on the right side.

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