Warm and cold concerns

The Vulcan Hotel St bathans

The Vulcan Hotel St. Bathans is a beloved landmark– a remnant from old mining days. We didn’t stop in for a cuppa(cup of coffee or tea in New Zealand vernacular). Took photos. Moved on. Got to Timaru before dark. A lockdown threat loomed. Back home the next day. Early.

Six weeks of lockdown saw the Vulcan Hotel close. The hotel, or pub, is the hub and heart beat, particularly in a remote rural community. I was delighted to read it was reopened later in 2020.  We will stop in for that cuppa soon.

Completing this work took much longer than expected. No video narration. Just get her edited and posted. I concentrated on portraying the warm tones of the afternoon sun, and the cool of the shadow.

If the sun is overhead, as at noon time, the light is cool in tone and shadows warm. Observing this warm-cool contrast helps give life to paintings.

The result from Day 3 is entitled “Journey Through Danseys Pass, Vulcan Hotel in St. Bathans“. The painting is for sale. Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below.

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