Annual Reflection

Power of Annual Reflection

An annual reflection can help keep you from stuffing around when you get back into the studio after in the new year or after a lengthy break.

time for annual reflection

October 2022 found Bill and I emerging from a 10 month grind of living in the midst of chaotic home repair. I closed my art studio so I could full-time project manage the repair and restoration of half the floors in our home.

As were were finishing, I knew it was time for an annual reflection so I could examine what transpired in 2022 in order to prepare for the best life personally and in my art studio.

I’m showing how I performed my  an Annual Reflection of 2022 last year in order to prepare for 2023.

To do this, I’ve adapted the Momentum Planner system created by Charlie Gilkey at Productive Flourishing. 

I’m now creating eight derivative works inspired by Rhema Meditation. It’s part of my pursuit to make 52 works by 31 May 2024. 

Past year achievements

First, I examined my achievements of the previous months of 2022 to discern the ones of which I was most proud.

Personal Achievements

  • I liked the results of my design and project management of our home restoration. 
  • Bill and I remaining on good terms during and afterwards was equally important.

Professional Achievements

  • I was pleased I had closed my studio so I could focus on restoring our home. 
  • Choosing to make the full leap into abstraction has been a game changer this year!

Things that challenged me

Personal Challenges

Professional Challenges

  • Getting kicked off FB and IG was a monumental challenge because…
  • My newly redesigned website was no longer relevant.
  • These two factors made it impossible to continue the promotion I had launched just a few days before I was kicked off the Metaverse. To read more about that, click here.

Lessons learned or reaffirmed

Next I looked at the lessons I’d learned during the rebuild.

Personal Lessons

  • The biggest one was to stop griping when things got tough. 
  • My problems are first world ones. Every one of them!
  • The magic of small steps forward every day was the third personal lesson from that year.

Professional Lessons

  • I learned that your personal and your professional life are inextricably bound, and…
  • It’s okay to adjust your professional timeline. 
  • Don’t build your business around any one social platform. That was a lesson learnt the hard way.

people who helped me

Personal Key People

  • The persons that had contributed to my personal successes in 2022 had to be considered next. Of course, Bill was my key person, and…
  • In spite of the unfortunate delays, the builder did present us with a well-constructed beautifully repaired and remodelled home. I couldn’t ignore his contribution.

Professional Key People

  • Professionally, my biggest cheerleader and support has always been Bill!!”

Looking forward to next year

Next, it was time to look forward to the upcoming year, 2023!

what i wanted to achieve next year

Personal Goals

  • Finishing the interior detailing in my home was important.
  • I wanted to get fit and eat right, and…
  • Take care of myself emotionally.

Professional Goals

  • Relaunching my YouTube channel, was vital, along with the…
  • Redesign of my website.
  • I wanted to socially engage successfully on YT and my website.”

Things needed to change

Next, I considered what changes were needed to succeed in my goals.

Personal Changes

  • Weekends working on interior finishes would be required.
  • A new diet and exercise regime was needed, and…
  • I promised myself to work less and make sure I took care of myself.

Professional Changes

  • Preparing several videos and getting my website up and running well before the relaunch of my first video debut was key
  • Better understanding engagement on YouTube was the second needed change.

Looking Forward to Next year
Looking forward to next year

Design studio time for a
productive year

Five part series by Beverly Claridge.
Click a box to read or watch video.

Preparing for change

The kinds of preparation needed to help reach my goals had to be considered.

Personal Changes

  • I needed to research diet and exercise programs and self-care ideas. 
  • Choosing to read a classic book to relax seemed good, too.

Professional Changes

  • Early preparation and planning videos… 
  • In coordination with my website design completed well in advance of the YT relaunch date was important.
  • I’d begin studying and learning YT engagement videos and articles right away.

Crafting a workable plan for next year

Finally, thanks to crafting my annual reflection, I had gathered all the information need to  make my overall plan for the next year, which I’ll show you in the next blog post.

Does this seem like too much?

I know this all sounds like a bit of work to get to the point to where you could craft a plan for next year. 

And, it is, which is why I do it in short 20 minute bursts throughout the week until it’s complete. Also, the more I do this review annually, the easier it gets in the subsequent years.

Why do it?

An Annual Reflection helps me step into my studio in the new year confident of my direction. It will do the same for you. The time spent sets the odds in your favour for creating satisfying art even in the midst of a life that can be hectic….maybe even crazy.

Is life is simply too full on right now for an annual reflection? Then do this.

If life is too full on at the moment, doing the following two exercises can give you a push forward when you get back into the studio next year:

  • Take time to discover your why, and 
  • Reflect upon your hits and misses in the past year in your art practice.

Click here to read “Creating Your BHAG” to learn more about creating your why. You can watch the video version of this current blog post down below.

Click the images below to get a closer look

Yearly plan for next year
Yearly plan for next year
Rhema Meditation works inspire my newest work
Rhema Meditation works inspired Rhema Derivative
Rhema Derivative 2 in progress
Rhema Derivative 2 in progress

Crafting a workable plan for next year

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