The Transformative Power of Pigment Ink

the transformative power of pigment ink

Intriguing Power Of Pigment Ink
Intriguing power of pigment ink

I’m creating 52 works by May 2024. When Red Playground 8 and 9 are complete, I will have finished 3 of the my target of 52 works.

Click here to see the difference adding pigment ink made to Red Playground-Finish what you started.  It the companion work to these two.

The Transformative Power of Pigment Ink

In this fourth session, whilst adding pigment ink to the Inktense shapes within ‘Red Playground 8 and 9,’ an intriguing development occurs.

I invite you to watch my YouTube video titled, “The Transformative Power of Pigment Ink” by clicking here.

Red Playground 8

The power of pigment ink is truly displayed in Number 8 as I outline each shape with my .4mm pigment ink pen.  A colourful and pleasing stain-glass appearance emerges. 

The dynamic lead light look ameliorates the strength of the pointers located in all four quadrants of the work. My challenge is to lessen the  confrontational appearance found in the earlier partner work, ‘Red Playground, Finish what you started’,

Outlining every one of the small shapes of ‘Red Playground 8’ consumed over an hour.

Red Playground 9
I push on to ‘Red Playground 9’, even though it is late afternoon. 

I soon run into a problem caused by applying yellow rather thickly on the first day of using Inktense. The deposits of yellow pigment on the work clogs my pens.

Because I’ve encountered this problem before, I did take extra care to dissolve the Inktense block in water before I applied it. It seems I have more to learn about the properties despite having used it to create several works within my “Out of Hand” collection. Note to self: run solvency tests in the future.

Creating Art Around Life

Please watch, “The Transformative Power of Pigment Ink”


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At This Stage, 'Red Playground 8' Reminds Me Of Lead Lighting.
At this stage, 'red playground 8' reminds me of lead lighting.
Too Much Pigment Clogs My Ink Pen.
Too much pigment clogs my ink pen.
The Transformative Power Of Pigment Ink Gives Vibrance To The Checkerboard Pattern.
The transformative power of pigment ink gives vibrance to the checkerboard pattern.

Most of my .4mm pigment ink pens become clogged, so I change to a size .6mm. The extra ink flow resolves the blocking problem.

The power of pigment ink gives vibrance to the checkerboard pattern. It makes the Inktense designs appear more grounded, especially in the somewhat botanical lower right quadrant. The blue and yellow shapes in the upper right quadrant are almost confrontational, relating to ‘Red Playground 8’ and the earlier ‘Red Playground – Finish what you started’.

‘Red Playground 9’ now reminds me of a Tiffany-inspired design. The total time to outline the design on this side requires another hour.  Whew!!

The Intriguing Power of Pigment Ink

Before adding pigment ink both works had a gentle batik feel.  The intriguing power of pigment ink makes them almost radiant. My regard for pigment ink as an art medium continues to grow as I seek other ways to use it.

I chose to fill in the two bars at the top and bottom of both pieces. Originally I thought they could serve as a unifying influence between ‘Red Playground 8’ and ‘Red Playground 9’.  With the overall strength of chroma of the works they would simply appear unfinished.

Both pieces, like their companion work, ‘Red Playground-Finish what you started’, are very vibrant.  The texture of the supports prevents me from giving them a similar three-dimensional form. I’ve discovered a new way to express dimensionality.

But, you’ll have to wait for the next session, which is the final one for these two works, when I add dimension and intrigue with coloured pencil.

‘Red Playground 8 and 9’ are working titles. I’d really appreciate you giving your ideas for final names for these works by commenting below.

I’ve been playing with pigment ink since about 2018 when I created  my ‘Can Red Come Out to Play?’ collection. What has been your experience with pigment ink pens?  

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Is there a better title?

‘Red Playground 8’ and ‘Red Playground 9’ are working titles. I’d appreciate your suggestions for a final title. Post them in the comments below or in the comment section on any of the videos of the series.

Red Playground 8 And 9 Before Adding Inktense
Red playground 8 and 9 before adding inktense
Red Playground 8 And 9 After Adding Inktense
Red playground 8 and 9 after adding inktense
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